Design a new board game, which uses vibrations.


This project has been developed during the SUPSI Master in Interaction Design, during a workshop lasted two weeks. The idea of the project came to my mind and to my partner Fabio Stefanoni, he took care of the physical code part of the hardware, I focused on the design and the product experience. Headed by Ubi de Feo, an Italian Creative Technologist based in Amsterdam a Professional that we are still in contact with in order to develop and refine the project during the next months.

How it works

Vibra is essentially a memory game for two players. It is a competitive game based on static play phases. VIBRA borns with the aim of training memory through touch. Depending on the mnemonic capabilities of the players, the difficulty of playing the game could become extreme in a short amount of time. Although the competitive game mechanics is rather simple, the two players are advised to practice a certain attitude to collaboration in order to ease the progression of level. If played correctly, VIBRA paradoxically becomes a compromise between competitiveness and collaboration.

Trailer Vibra

I took care of the presentation of the product, designing the video to explain how the game works.

Developing the project

To create this project after several sketches and tests we made a list of the material we needed, these listed below are the electronic parts of Vibra, instead with regard to the design I was inspired by the design of a piano, because I thought it was a perfect design for composing.

User Testing

In our opinion it was vitally important to know what could be improved in our product, so we focused on drawing up a questionnaire, which focused on knowing in detail what the players expected from this game, the difficulty, where they would see it well to use, and finally usability questions, this allowed us to receive feedback to improve our product. The statistics was given by 50 participants.

Mouser Documentary

Vibra was able to be part of the television program Mouser – Engineering-Big-Ideas presented by Grant Imahara, The exhibition episode Massimo Banzi, founder of Arduino, tried to use Vibra, finding the game very interesting.

Digital Day 2019

Vibra participated in the event Digital Day held in Lugano – Switzerland on 3 September 2019, having positive feedback from people. Many other feedbacks have been constructive to improve the product.