Jean Sevilla

Visual Designer

About me

Hi! I’m a visual designer based in Switzerland, I am currently working as Art director at databrand, having a good school education and 7 years of experience in visual communication, but most of all a great passion for my profession, and probably for this reason I have also won several first prizes in Switzerland. 

When I start a new project, it’s a challenge for me, my goal for every single project that I do is to expose it to the best possible way, I am a pro active person, and what distinguishes the projects that I carry out is the attention to detail, innovation, precision, to me, design is a problem solving activity. As a designer, I understand that the perfect design, not only involves visual aesthetics, but even more the functionality of the product, and that it works, in projects in general, so I try to make sure that the UX is having a 360 ° advantage. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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