Uno Studio In Nero

Branding web series about true crime.


The Project was commissioned by Massimo Polidoro, a writer, journalist and Secretary of CICAP, a pupil of James Randi, a permanent presence at Superquark, he is often the author and host of scientific divulgation programs Massimo Polidoro also works as a populariser and uses Youtube as his main channel for spreading scientific information.

The project 

Massimo asked me to design a new theme for his new web series, A study in black (USIN), also referring to Sherlock Holmes, this series aims to bring different themes from the main series The room of wonders (LSDM) these Themes are more focused on true crime to deal with episodes such as Jack the Ripper or the Monster of Florence, the first two themes were in fact these.

Developing the intro

For these issues I thought it was necessary to have a dark mood, centered on black colors, the entire intro is seen between the fog and unclear, I also chose to show elements of the studio that are tinged with black, just to point out that the study that we usually see in LSDM is tinged with black, this makes you immediately perceive the arguments brought in this series, perhaps even aimed at a more adult audience. The soundtrack was specially written by a famous music composer and producer Marco Forni.

Marco Forni

New Intro

Title Episode

3 Variants of chapters


1 Example of Color Correction LUT

Social Advertsing

I have not limited myself only to making the intro, but also to understand how to structure advertising, that is, how to create the right workflow to be able to publish a post on a daily basis.

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Example Episodes