Design a new brand for a community of mystery.


The Project was commissioned by Massimo Polidoro, a writer, journalist and Secretary of CICAP, a pupil of James Randi, a permanent presence at Superquark, he is often the author and host of scientific divulgation programs Massimo Polidoro also works as a populariser and uses Youtube as his main channel for spreading scientific information.

The project 

Its community is based on people interested in investigating the mystery and unraveling mysteries and hoaxes.The concept was already solid enough and started a lot from the influence of the Netflix TV series the “casa de papel” in fact many initial graphics were very inspired by this series, but the concept was another. Its community is based as if they were explorers and navigators in this ocean of information.

Brand Identity


For the logo I used the concept of the paper boat, because it expresses the culture of origami, that is the concept that a sheet used in water normally melts, but if used with cunning and intelligence it is possible to create a structure that lasts and that resists, the paper boat also expresses well the fact of sailing and the spirit of adventure.

The logo has been designed following the golden section that is a Logo Fluid that can be used in different ways and contexts, both digitally and physically, starting from the layout of the logo and also declined in different merchandising.

Logo color versions

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