App for an amplified cinema experience.


This project was my graduation thesis for the Bachelor in Visual Communication, in this project, being passionate about Cinema, I wanted to create an app that gives a sort of dynamic encyclopedia for films, thanks to hypertext and to the development of an app, to bring out the information that we often do not know about a film.

For the app FocusMovie I did research on how to organize information, then an investigation about what is information architecture and how it is used. This project was not only a visual interface prototyping project, but also to give a coordinated image to the product.

The project was followed by my rapporteur Paolo Jannuzzi Smith, owner of a well-known graphic Studio, and Fulvia Lepori, head of the Department of the Environment, Design and Construction (SUPSI).

Brand Identity

This artifact wants to make interesting and easy aspects that can be hidden behind a film. The name therefore includes these two keywords: focus and movie. The word Focus comes from the Latin and means to deepen, focus, analyze and the word Movie describes the content of the platform.

After several sketches I found that the two elements that I intend to stand out in the logo, are the magnifying glass and the film reel, because they are the elements that most can associate the film reel for the cinema, with the lens for in-depth research.

Later when I decided how to make it, I redesigned it according to the golden ratio. Based on the gold grid, I recreated circles, reposition them and started to redesign the logo following the original idea.

I chose to use a color range of yellow and dark gray. The yellow color is meant to communicate the concept of highlighting interesting aspects of the films and the dark gray to contrast it. For the choice of font I opted for the San Francisco typeface, because it is a linear, designed especially for digital devices but also a version for printing.

Design UI

After drawing sketches, Wireframe and information architecture, taking care of the UI (User Interface), prototyping the interface with one of the many related programs, so as to test it myself for any problems while browsing (UX).



The app allows through the main and explore pages, to search for movies, once you find the movie you want, you can see the history of all insights called Focus, that can be in a movie, encased in three great themes: curiosity, errors and citations.

The day of the presentation

When I had to present my thesis, as well as having exposed a stand, I presented both to the examination Committee and to whom was present, I set up the stand with gadget depicting the Brand FocusMovie, the Dossier, the iPad with the prototype of the app, for introducing the concept of film experience.