Design a new brand for field of the neo mothers.


The Project was commissioned by the company databrand for which I worked as Art Director which opened the office in Chiasso in 2020, Switzerland. The company is involved in developing brands based on market data, all for the ecommerce market.

The project 

The goal was to design a new brand dedicated to the line for new mothers, as the first product we chose to focus on a bag that is extremely comfortable for a new mother, in fact a new mother has many objects that she must carry with her, for the care of the new baby.


For this new brand I decided to focus on combining 2 very simple concepts, a fruit and a baby, the fruit had to be small, sweet and of a soft color. After several attempts I have decided that the best fruit is “cherry”, so I then tried to combine these two elements, creating cherbaby, that is cherry and baby.




Logo design

The logo has been designed following the golden section and it is a Fluid Logo so it can be used in different ways and contexts, starting from the logo layout and also declined in different merchandising.

Golden Ratio

Logo Animation


I also dealt with advertising, the vertical format that is most used for advertising in stories on Instagram and Facebook.

Amazon Ads

Social Ads

Version 1

Version 2