Design a new brand for the field of cosmetic.


The Project was commissioned by the company databrand for which I worked as Art Director which opened the office in Chiasso in 2020, Switzerland. The company is involved in developing brands based on market data, all for the ecommerce market.

The project 

The goal was to design a new brand dedicated to the beauty line, the initial focus is for now a female target, but it will probably expand over time, involving the male target as well. The logo has the name Biux because it expresses two keywords, Beauty and Luxury.


For the brand I used a very modern, clean and current style. Each product has its own name, initially 2 products, their naming was of famous princesses, then it was decided that it was better to name the products based on the characteristic of the product. As for the decorative pattern, however, it has always described the functionality of the product.





Product packaging has also evolved over time to achieve the best result for unboxing and UX for when the customer received the product. Each product has its own decorative pattern that describes the characteristic of the product, for example “Sissi” a curling iron, the decorative pattern are waves, while for the “Diana” product a portable straightener, the pattern are lines, for “Satine” , a facial massager that emits ultrasounds, the pattern is small waves close together.

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Website Landing page

After building a solid brand, I dedicated myself to developing the website.

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