Turné Soirée

Design a television intro for a new TV series for RSI.


The project required was for a new broadcast that goes on air in the evening at the RSI, the transmission talk about reviews of books and some TV series. I was asked to design a graphic theme developed in modules, so as to be able to manage them, as it was more convenient to implement. 

The producer Damiano Realini and the videomaker were very satisfied with my work.

The mood

In the project I took into account much of the pre-research, I pushed myself to recreate a mood that recalled the world of books, after several attempts, I opted to represent each topic/theme with an Icon character, showing their silhouette.

Non-animated version

Animate Version

TV Show title Sequence

In the module for the program title, I kept the message simple, for the word Soirée which in French means evening, I intended to give two values to the logo, one that recall the evening as the Moon, the other the headlights that are in theatres.

Lower Third

Ident Bumper