The Nature Inside Of You

Teaser for the event SUPSI of Terre di Pedemonte.


The students of the 5 Bachelor’s of the Department construction and design environment in the SUPSI University have worked on the design of the territory, and specifically in the council of Terre di Pedemonte, to enhance its locations, characteristics and traditions. 

In our group we had to propose Teasers for the event that took place on 9th June 2017 at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, that day there was an exhibition of all the works done, thanks to an interdisciplinary and interactive path set up on the territory.

Assigned task

For the Teaser, we have tried to give a visual identity to the place, therefore a research based on knowing the place and understanding it, mapping it and analyzing it, in such a way as to enhance its traditions at its best, cultural resources, landscape and architecture.

The nature inside of you

In the Teaser I concentrated on enhancing the bond between the people and the event, hence the people in contact with nature and homes, a feeling arises by running a personal path that it submerges until it

enter you.


During the event the video was shown inside the pedestals designed by us, placed in different areas of the event, the video teaser was also projected in the hall of the famous theater of Dimitri.