The Hub

Design a new brand, and a new type of installation for a cooworking space in ticino.


The project was developed during the year of Master’s interaction design, in collaboration with TODO, a renowned Interaction design studio. The project is part of a Workshop focused on Designing Interactive Environments, the workshop lasted 3 weeks and was supervised by Fabio Franchino Co-founder of TODO and Alice Mela an Interaction and industrial designer of TODO. The project was developed in groups, my team consisted of me Leyla Tawfik, Nydia Chavarria, and Paolo Croce.

A new co-working space

The project was commissioned by Serse Bonvini Board member and co-founder of NetComm Suisse. NetComm Suisse is developing a new innovation lab in Ticino, aimed for Mid-Tech companies, brands and growing businesses interested in creating or working with new technologies, trends and insights within the lifestyle industry. Our task, therefore, was to design interactive Environments, we were free to propose what we thought. We have gone further and have chosen not only to offer objects that could be disconnected from the company, but initially to create a true visual identity, with logo and slogan.

Research Field

We started our research by observing the spaces and the behavior of the people inside the co-working spaces of LoginWeMake and BASE in Milan.

Brand Identity

After many proposals we decided to use The hub because it’s simple and easy to remember but also because in our opinion the word HUB expresses well the concept of community space the article “The” clearly identify that we are not talking about any hub but “the hub” at last the pentagonal shape always remained to symbolize the 5 industries.

Typography and Colors

Logo modular

We have thought about the future of the hub, so many hubs in Switzerland or Europe, so it can be useful to have a modular logo, that integrates better in the place where it is located.

A color for every Industry

Every Industry is represented inside the building by a different color, which have been selected from the gradient of the logo.

Environmental Interventions

Interactive Community wall (Entrance)

Interactive wall with the logos of the main companies, they are represented by 3D printed logos magnetically fixed, therefore easy to change. Projected on the wall of the animated pentagons representing various fields (Design, Fashion …) of which the various companies are part.

Interactive table

It is a different way of doing research and learning through the community. The question is placed on the platform and to get an answer it is necessary to invite for a coffee and organize a meeting.

Event wall

The wall will show projects from different industries. The content could be created from the people responsible for the magazine.

Video Presentation