The art of mentalism

A course to learn extraordinary displays of mental illusionism.


The Project was commissioned by Massimo Polidoro, a writer, journalist and Secretary of CICAP, a pupil of James Randi, a permanent presence at Superquark, he is often the author and host of scientific divulgation programs Massimo Polidoro also works as a populariser and uses Youtube as his main channel for spreading scientific information.

The platform

Introducing the new online course platform by Massimo Polidoro, offering a diverse range of courses. Delve into the workings of the human mind, its capabilities, and limitations. Learn to develop a critical mindset, enhance persuasive public speaking skills, and uncover logical fallacies and pitfalls. Benefit from Polidoro’s vast experience as he shares valuable insights on the platform. With courses designed to captivate and engage, this platform provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge directly from an expert in the field.

The art of mentalism

New year new course, in 2021 Massimo has decided to launch another new course, with the difference that this course will be supported by a Mentalism expert “Mariano Tomatis”.

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