Strane Storie

Dive into the mysterious and unexplored world of paranormal and urban legends.


The Project was commissioned by Massimo Polidoro, a writer, journalist and Secretary of CICAP, a pupil of James Randi, a permanent presence at Superquark, he is often the author and host of scientific divulgation programs Massimo Polidoro also works as a populariser and uses Youtube as his main channel for spreading scientific information.

The project 

I proposed to Massimo to do a rebranding of the web series in progress Strane Storie, in fact this series is the most followed also for the topics covered, and in my opinion it was a duty that it should be realigned with the other web series. Strane Storie deals with topics like the same as Unusual Stories, but they are explored more in depth when compared to “Unusual History” from the Webseries “La stanza delle meraviglie” (LSDM).

New Intro

Title Episode

3 Variants of chapters

Developing the intro

The desire to pay tribute to the very famous Netflix series “Stranger Things” is clear, so I took it to the next level, having to recall Stranger Things I thought it was right to make it more likely to the theme song, obviously opting for several changes.

Episode Example

Social Advertsing

For the social promotion is still taken care of by Massimo, but there are works in progress where probably will be redesigned even the propaganda part of the webseries.