Scuderia Classiche

Rebranding scuderia classiche, the world of classic cars.


The Project was commissioned by Paolo Pedersoli, he is a great passionate about the world of engines, a skilled personality that due to his Formula 1 experience reached a level of exellence in his sector, offering a complete consultation service in vehicle search, vehicle validation and in activity management and events and rally training classes.

The project 

Paolo’s intention was to update the website, after a consultation, we decided that perhaps it was better to do a rebranding to better update the logo by improving it to use it in different contexts, in order to not only have a logo but also a symbol to be able to use it over time.

Brand Identity


For the logo, after many sketches, I focused on the concept of showing the dynamism of this sport, these machines as well as being very beautiful aesthetically have their power and grit, I also included the initials Scuderia Classiche in a non-obvious way, the S can be seen in the rim, instead the C in the tire. For the Logotipo, on the other hand, I used 2 types of fonts, the one for “Scuderia” recalls the fonts used for the workshop and the second for “Classiche” recalls the fonts used in the Art Deco period, where in fact the gold, to point out the luxury and that it is a premium service.

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The logo has been designed following the golden section, that is a Logo Fluid that can be used in different ways and contexts, starting from the layout of the logo and also declined in different merchandising. I have also drawn up a Brand Guideline to understand how to use iconographic language and how to use photos, plus I have designed auxiliary patterns for merchandising and for team leaders.

Logo before

Logo now

Golden Ratio

Logo variations

Logo minimum size






After building a solid brand, I dedicated myself to developing the website, but in this project I limited myself to designing the User Interface of the website, the code level implementation was done by an external collaborator Yeshe Sartori, a web developer, for a better view of the pages I recommend seeing the site that contains all the elaborated pages.

Brand application




Event set-up

Video Graphics

I also took care of the animation and video editing of the company.

Logo animation

Photos 1000miglia 2022

photos by Janey Mc Gill