Burn Pro

Design a new brand for Fat burner supplement.


The Project was commissioned by the company databrand for which I worked as Art Director which opened the office in Chiasso in 2020, Switzerland. The company is involved in developing brands based on market data, all for the ecommerce market.

The project 

The goal was to design a new brand dedicated to the fat-burning supplement line. The product allows you to burn fat by stimulating the metabolism.


For this new brand, there was a need to stand out from the usual fat burners, which are very often developed with very American graphics and style, with many graphic elements that weigh down and make the brand more dated. With this brand we wanted to reach a young audience, so I put a bright red focus on the word “burn” this allows you to immediately capture the person because it is the writing that prevails, which makes them more motivated to buy it.



Animated Icons




Landing page