1000 Miglia Warm Up CH 2022

The iconic and historic event of motor racing event 1000miglia in Switzerland.

The project 

The project was commissioned by Scuderia Classiche, a luxury vintage car racing team based in Switzerland. Scuderia Classiche’s aim was to bring the internationally recognized 1000 Miglia race to Switzerland, with the first event held in 2022. I initiated the first collaboration with the 1000 Miglia team and this year, I had the opportunity to work more closely on the event, handling the visual communication aspect of all collateral events and event merchandise.


The 1000 Miglia is an annual classic car race that takes place in Italy. It was first held in 1927 and covers a distance of about 1,600 km (1,000 miles) through scenic routes in Italy. The race is open to classic and vintage cars produced before 1958, and attracts participants from all over the world. The 1000 Miglia is considered one of the most prestigious and historic car races in the world.

First Event 2022

photos by Janey Mc Gill