Documentary Dick Marty2018

Design video animations for the documentary of stories for RSI.


This project was done in the period when I was working at RSI, I was asked to create animations for the documentary that Fulvio Bernasconi was making, a well-known Ticino director, he also worked at Pic Film SA. This documentary was then broadcast on the television program "Storie".

the documentary talks about the period after the 2001 attacks, when the US government entered into secret agreements with European governments to combat terrorism. These are agreements that require the CIA to have full powers to kidnap and torture suspects. A flagrant violation of international treaties, the rule of law and the laws of European countries, and a slap in the face of human rights. When the Washington Post revealed this secret pact in 2005, the Council of Europe instructs the Swiss parliamentarian Dick Marty to investigate. This documentary is the story of this investigation and the portrait of a person out of the ordinary.

My Role
• User Research
• Storyboard
• Motion Graphic

Documentary - Dick Marty, a cry for justice